Sunday, May 01, 2005

Reform the Judiciary

This appeared in the Gulf daily news on Saturday 23 April 2005:


MANAMA: Bahrain has unveiled an ambitious plan to completely overhaul its judicial system, including new courts to ensure speedy trials. "The plan is to rebuild the system to be more in line with sweeping local and international developments," Justice Minister Dr Mohammed Al Sitri said.

"The entire legal framework is being reviewed, particularly judicial and prosecution procedures," he said.

A comprehensive report on suggested legal amendments will then be submitted to the Cabinet, to be later forwarded to Parliament.

Subpoena procedures and enforcement of court verdicts were also being reviewed, with plans to take tough measures in co-ordination with the Interior Ministry.

"We are keen to expedite the settlement of trade disputes to create an investment friendly environment and preserve individual rights," he said in response to a question submitted by Shura Council member Abdulhussain Bu Hussain on the ministry's development schemes.

Dr Al Sitri also revealed that a project to promote Sharia Courts' proceedings had been submitted to the Cabinet.

There are also plans to set up new courts to ensure speedy trials, particularly those involving minors and traffic violations.

A feasibility study on a planned institute of judicial and legal studies and researches will also be submitted to the Cabinet soon.

A series of training courses will also be held for the Justice Ministry staff, including under-secretaries, assistant under-secretaries, directors, judges and employees.


Burning question:
What's to reform? Nuke the damned place up!

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