Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bahrain..the Kingdom of Hashish!

According to Bahrain Tribune, Bahrain is the the #1 Kingdom of Hashish in the world. Here's the news:

Over 100 times rise in hashish haul registered

Over a hundred times rise in hashish haul in the Kingdom has been registered, writes Mohannad Suleiman.
Authorities last year seized a record of 800kg of hashish compared with only seven kilogrammes in 2003. They also seized 3,784,740 pills of amphetamine, up from a mere 134 in 2003.

The surge in the figures seems to co-relate with the increase in the number of drug offence cases processed in 2004, which reached 748, more than double of the 331 cases in 2003.

According to the head of Narcotics, Major Tariq Nasser, 55 people died from illegal drugs, while a total of 837 people (826 men and 11 women) were involved in related cases.

“Our division seized 800 kilos of hashish, 9,581 grammes of heroin, 21 grammes of marijuana, 26 grammes of qat, 53 grammes of opium and 5 grammes of cocaine,” Maj. Tariq said. According to the Ministry of Interior officer, 233 drug cases were discovered inside Bahrain, while 468 were at the King Fahad Causeway, 45 at Bahrain Airport and two at the sea.

He said that 325 Bahraini nationals were involved in the cases, compared with 454 from the other five GCC states, 12 from Arab states and 46 from other countries.


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