Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shura Council members wake up

Today's GDN made me laugh... I mean, what has the whole world been screaming for all those years: a just and legal legal system.
Yes, the people of Wonderland deserve a LEGAL legal system and not the haphazard one being run here by the mafia.
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"Training plan for judges
JUDGES and employees at the Public Prosecution could soon be sent for training at a specialist legal centre to be set up in Bahrain.
The plan was first unveiled by Justice Affairs Minister Dr Mohammed Al Sitri during a meeting with the Shura Council's legislative and legal affairs committee.
It was announced yesterday by committee secretary Abdulrahman Al Ghatam as Shura Council members discussed proposed changes to a law governing the country's judiciary.
"The minister has clearly said it is coming and we hope it will come soon," said Mr Al Ghatam.
He added that the idea must first go to the Cabinet for approval before the centre can go ahead.
In addition, Mr Al Ghatam said the Justice Ministry is working on a study on Bahrain's judiciary, which it plans to present to the Shura Council and parliament.
Meanwhile, Shura Coun-cillors approved changes to the Bahrain judiciary submitted by member Dr Mansoor Al Arrayedh.
Dr Al Arrayedh said a new training centre is vital to enhance Bahrain's legal system.
He added that the current selection process for judges is not efficient and said existing judges are lacking in training.
"We want judges who are capable of handling everything," he said.
"The nature of court cases has changed and they are having to deal with new kinds of cases compared to before."
Dr Al Arrayedh said changes to the law are needed to ensure that it keeps pace with reforms initiated by His Majesty King Hamad.
"Cases are not simple like before and they will continue to get complicated - especially with the development of technology," he said, referring to the emergence of technology such as bluetooth.
"A judge who was able to handle cases before might not be able to handle these new cases."
Meanwhile, Shura Council second vice-chairman Man-sour Bin Rajab said Dr Al Arrayedh's proposals are in line with the government's vision.
"The judicial system needs development - everyone knows that," he said.
"Today's cases are not just related to immorality, decency or the judges' personal opinion.
"Continuous education and training is necessary in all fields - especially one in which important decisions are made based on evidence."


More on drugs in Wonderland

I am sorry this blog seems to be the dumping place for the very little which appears on drugs and the corrupt judiciary system in Wonderland in the newspaper.. I am collecting it all here as an on-line archive... for the BOOK I am going to write about the Ahmeds in Wonderland.

This appeared in today's GDN:

349 arrested in drugs clamp
BAHRAIN police are waging a relentless campaign against drug dealers and users, a top official declared yesterday.
They arrested 349 people in drug-related cases in the first four months of this year, said CID acting director Brigadier Farook Al Maawada.
The Interior Ministry is determined to further intensify its operations to make it even more difficult for drug traffickers and dealers, he said.
Brig Al Maawada was speaking on the sidelines of the 19th meeting of GCC directors of drug-combating organisations, held at the Diplomat Radisson SAS.
They are expected to agree today on a list of recommendations aimed at further improving joint operations to combat drug trafficking in the region.
"Each country is proposing a number of recommendations aimed at further maintaining security in the Gulf, combating drug trafficking and dealing, exchanging information and raising awareness among young people," Brig Al Maawada told the GDN.
"Perhaps one of the most important topics discussed is the means of further strengthening official channels for the sharing of information for a rapid response in anti-drug operations."
He said other issues discussed covered joint training programmes to further upgrade the skills of drug-combating security authorities.
Brig Al Maawada announced earlier this month that police are setting up a 24-hour drugs hotline for people to report suspects.
Rewards are also on offer for people who help the police catch drug smugglers and dealers.
Drug-combating division director Major Tariq Al Nasser said that from January 1 to the end of April, Bahraini authorities arrested 349 people in 327 drug-related cases. "Out of them 341 were male," he told the GDN.
The meeting, chaired by Brig Al Maawada, also features an exhibition of photographs by GCC drug-combating organisations showcasing drug consignments seized and the methods used to smuggle drugs.
It also included a number of items, which drug traffickers used to smuggle drugs into GCC countries, including copies of the Quran and a child's doll.