Friday, June 17, 2005

Freedom? How dare you !

Ahmed reappeared in court on June 13.

Like before, it was a farce. They hand-cuffed him and put him in a Jeep from the Adliya Guantanamo prison all the way to court in Diplomatic area where people were staring at him - some whom he knew who couldn't believe their eyes.

The point where one is ashamed in a country with no shame is long gone.

At court, one of the other suspects lawyer asked for an adjournment although the judge had earlier said that this will be the last trial and that he would issue a verdict.

Without hestitation, the honourable judge adjorned the session. The charade is over. The circus will pack up and return to the torture chambers of Adliya.

For the first time since Ahmed's arrest in May last year, Ahmed opened his mouth and said this wasn't fair. How long will this trial continue for? What did the judge do: He ordered Ahmed out of court.

This judge can take his verdict and stuff it up his @$$ for this is a court with no legitimicy as far as the decent people of Bahrain are concerned.

I am sorry for speaking on the behalf of Bahrainis for they are a nation with no pride and no shame to allow such a farce continue without raising an eye brow.

I sure am not proud to be a Bahraini and it will take a very long time to win back my loyalty and allegience to this joke of a nation.