Saturday, June 04, 2005

case postponed

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Ahmed's case was supposed to be heard today and has been adjourned today until further notice.

What can I say? What do you want me to tell you about Bahrain? About my home? My kingdom? My memories? My past?

Hopefully, it will soon not be my future because there is so much pain, injustice and innocent blood spilled, people crucified for no reason other than they are natives, unfulfilled dreams, shattered expectations and zero aspirations.

I used to think that people who spoke in this manner were unloyal to Bahrain. I used to look at them with suspicious eyes. I used to tell them they were traitors.

Now I know why they have simply given up on Bahrain. Now I can tell you why I have given up. Now I am ready to share with you why I am urging people to give up, pack up and leave.

People who speak up about injustice in my country, in my backyard and in my home are not traitors. The traitors are those who know how many atrocities are being committed everyday and are keeping quiet about them because they don't have Bahrain's interest at heart and only work to meet their petty selfish whims.

The officials who know what is happening and who brush away people's complaints about injustice are the traitors. They should be burned at the stake.

There should be a witch hunt - no that's too extreme - for the culprits who are tarnishing Bahrain's reputation by denying people their civil rights and breaking each and every single clause in the constitution everyday are known.

Forget Law 56. Forget the past. Let's turn a new page and fight fire with fire, for the murderers and torturers and traitors are still free and are still abusing their positions and throwing all the human rights conventions out of the window because they understand too well that they are way way above the law.

If you can't ask for justice from officials who broke the law before 2002, let's join hands and declare a war against the criminals in power today.