Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Ahmed !

Ahmed celebratesa YEAR - yes 365 days- behind bars today.

Last year, he was kidnapped by the Hashish smugglers at the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Bahrain, who wanted a scapegoat for their criminal activities.

Unbeknown to us at the time, Bahrain is the official Kingdom of Hashish! Because there is so much hashish and so few people arrested, they started a new campaign to round up idiots, terrorise them and make them admit to crimes, in the hope that they would be set free.

Now the Shia boys of Bahrain are terrified by the police. See how they react when a policeman stops any one of them on the street. The Bahraini police have been terrorising Bahranis for generations and continue to do so.

Any Bahrani caught by the police is in serious shit. He would admit to incest, fucking goats, pissing on the potrait of ....., burning the ..., in fact, anything, just to get out of their shackles.

This sad state of affairs continue in this place, despite promises of a better tomorrow and the sweet smell of democracy. All that we have today is empty promises, bitterness and the smell of sweat and dirt from a whole year in a dirty smelly cell run by mercenaries from Syria, Muharraq, Jordan, Riffa, Budaiya, Pakistan and Balucistan. The only thing which brings those specimens together is their despise to Bahraini people.

To celebrate this anniversary, Ahmed appeared hand-cuffed in court today for another charade in a kingdom with NO respect for human rights, in a court which have more credibility if it were run by Mickey Mouse.

In line with the constitution, which stipulates that the accused is guilty until proven innocent, Ahmed was returned to his cell, until the CID and Public Prosecutor continue putting a case against him.

Let me recap, Ahmed has been in prison for a whole year awaiting justice. Ahmed has been in prison for 365 days, and those retards are still working on the case. Also, for the umpteenth time, the CID witnesses failed to turn up to testify in the case, which has been adjourned to June 4.

While Ahmed has been rotting in his cell, the terror suspects have been put on trial and released, Khawaja who has called the Prime Minister names put on trial and released, the Internet trio released on bail and are awaiting trial and people who smuggled more than 300kg of Hashish released on bail and are continuing with their roaring business, with support from the police.

Excuse a place where the police know that the police are drug cartels, in a small country where everyone knows what everyone else is up to, why is Ahmed being denied access to a fair and just trial?

What are theh police covering up? Why are they subjecting Ahmed to torture? Why are they still refusing human rights activists access to the Guantamano branch in Adliya? Why? Why are the top officials, who all know about the abuse Ahmed is being subjected to, quiet? Why are his captors still free to abuse their powers and terrorise Bahraini youth?

What is really happening in the Kingdom of Hashish? Is everyone so dopy, they can't see what's happening behind the haze?